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    At Top Dog we stand for animal welfare and we have your dog's best interests at heart.

    We offers dog training with focus on understanding dogs through body language, using purely ethical and positive methods, which is why your paws will always be in good hands.


    There's a new puppy in town

    Are you thinking of getting a dog? Congratulations! Let us help you figure out the first weeks and months with your new family member, how to build a healthy human-dog relationship from the beginning and avoid unwanted behaviour, using responsible and ethical training. There is a lot you need to consider but don't worry, we are here to help.

    "Obedience" training, why and what to teach!

    Did you ever take time to actually teach your dog his name?

    What are the cues you and your dog really should master?

    And how can you teach him/her? We will use only positive and responsible training methods to strengthen the human-dog bond.

    And remember, an old dog CAN learn new tricks!

    Is your walk a real drag?

    Are you walking your dog, or is he walking you? We teach you and your dog 'loose leash walking' and how to make the walk a fun and relaxed activity for both. Ever heard of sniff-walks and natural agility? And imagine, instead of jerking on the lead to use hand signals to show your dog the direction!

    Barking up the wrong tree

    Are you experiencing excessive barking at: bicycles, the mailman, other dogs, umbrellas...? Do you think you know why he feels this way -stressed, anxious, scarred...? Let's have a closer look at it first. Using responsible and positive training methods we will teach you and your 'howler' why he is barking up the wrong tree.

    Dog Walking

    We take your dog out for a 45 minute sniff-walk where he gets to decide the rhythm and the direction. No hurry, no rushing to get to work on time, just letting your dog be a dog. We then return him relaxed and satisfied after having to use his brain to figure out all the messages other dogs left for him...Fun, the relaxed way!

    Dog Sitting

    Need a vacation but don't feel so great about leaving your dog at a kennel? We understand. We will take care of your furry best friend, at your home where he feels save and comfy. Walks, cuddles, playtime and care included. Overnight service possible too!

  • Rates

    Services offered in or around Aberdeen, a surplus might me added for a long commute, please enquire.

    Dog training sessions are also available online!


    Dog Walking - In or around Aberdeen

    30 minutes walk

    GBP 15.-


    60 minutes walk

    GBP 20.-


    Extra dog

    10.- GBP each


    Dog Sitting - Daytime drop-in visit

    From GBP 20.-

    We provide this personal service when clients are not at home during the day. This service can include: Walks, cuddles, play time and feeding.


    Dog Sitting - Overnight stay

    From GBP 45.-

    This personal service includes: overnight stay at the client’s house, daily walks, cuddles, playtime and feeding and is often booked when clients are on short vacations.


    Dog Training - Online Session!

    One session, up to 60min per session.

    Includes a written summary specific for each client.

    Please enquire for rates and packages.

  • about ME

    What I like most about working as a canine professional is to see the relationship grow between the dogs and their owners, as well as how trust develops and owner and pet become best friends.

    Volunteering at a dog shelter in Lima, Peru

    Christine Lang - Owner and Canine Coach

    Imagine a small, idyllic town in Switzerland, with lots of farms and fields where children play in the hay and you can hear the church bells chiming. That is where I grew up. My parents are originally from Vienna, Austria, where we spent all our summers during our childhood. We were a pack of five: my parents, my sister, Taski, and myself. Taski was our Golden Retriever and undoubtedly my first ‘true love’.


    I grew up around dogs, going to puppy courses, organising playtimes and walking some of the dogs in the neighbourhood. I could never imagine my live without dogs, but only after some years of moving around and about I’ve included this passion into my daily life.


    In the past, I called many different places my home, including Mexico, Miami Beach, Norway and Scotland. I enjoy exploring new cultures and learning new languages, only then do I really feel connected to people.


    What I like most about working as a canine professional is to see the relationship grow between the dogs and their owners, as well as how trust develops and owner and pet become best friends. And of course I LOVE the hair and paw prints on all my clothes!



    Volunteering at a dog shelter in Lima, Peru

    Proud member of PDTE-Pet Dog Trainers of Europe

    Valuing companionship over compliance since 1998

    The Pet Dog Trainers of Europe (PDTE) was founded in 1998 by Norwegian dog expert Turid Rugaas, who has been at the forefront of canine communication for many years. The organisation has members across the world, allowing expertise, experience and ideas to be shared on a global level.


    The PDTE was established to:​

    -Develop our understanding of how dogs view the world and communicate with each other and with humans.
    -Discover more ways to develop positive relationships between dogs & people.

    -Encourage members to commit to ongoing professional development and actively promote good practice in all canine activities and to the general public.


    Find out more at: https://www.pdte.eu/

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    At Top Dog we speak English, Norwegian, German, Spanish and French. Send us an email or a message on Facebook.



  • Policies

    At Top Dog we stand for animal welfare and we have your dog's best interests at heart.

    In order to provide the best service for you and your pets we have established the following policies:


    Dog Training: At Top Dog we use only positive training methods and condemn outdated and harmful methods. One-on-one sessions take place at the client’s house. One training session includes a summary in written form, which will be sent by e-mail to the client afterwards. We advise that all family members are present at each dog training sessions.


    Meet & Greet: We arrange a free Meet & Greet for all dog walking and pet sitting clients. New clients will fill out a form with all the necessary information about their pets including pet insurance and health details, emergency contact information, etc.


    Dog Walking: A dog walk takes 45 minutes -including pick up and drop off time. We arrange a free Meet & Greet before our first booking. Please provide all necessary equipment like harness, leash, dog treats, waste bags, reflector collar/blinking light if needed at night or during the winter months.


    Pet Sitting: We take care of your pet at their own home just as if they were our own, with maximum love and care. Please provide all necessary equipment for us to take good care of your pet like harness, leash, dog treats, waste bags, toys, reflector collar/blinking light at night or during the winter months, enough dog food for the duration of the service, dog bowls, towels to clean/dry the pets etc.


    Liability: We will never walk a dog off leash and will only let him/her interact with other animals with the client’s approval and in situations we feel save. We are not liable for any harm or damage the client’s pet causes to other animals, humans or objects.


    Cancellation Policy: Cancellations less than 24 hours prior to the booked service will result in a 50% charge of the total amount.

  • Client Info Sheet - download

    Please fill out this 'Information sheet' so we have all your details at hand!

    You can send it in by e-mail or have it ready at the Meet & Greet

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